transform birth

birth visioning, birth debriefs + postpartum support


About Me

Hi. I'm Beth (she/they).

I'm a queer registered nurse psychotherapist, a postpartum support provider and a radical listener. I'm also a parent, with lived experience of postpartum depression. My birth experience was traumatic and it exacerbated the difficulty I had in my transition to parenthood. And it was hard to get help. 


That's what I want to give you. The space to talk if you need it. Extra care and support postpartum. I also want to offer you support if you're planning a pregnancy or birth and need a hand feeling out what birth choices might be right for you.


I work to provide care from an anti-racist standpoint and believe in queer reproductive justice (king yaa). I celebrate all kinds of family structures and support networks. I know that we are all the experts of our own bodies and experiences.

I worked in a high risk obstetrics unit for over two years, and can support folks experiencing complications in their pregnancies (parental and fetal), as well as those navigating loss. In the past, I've worked as a librarian, a researcher and a sexual health counsellor. 

Folks I'm learning from include: the folks at Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Training,  Erika @wholebodypregnancy (a fabulous postpartum doula training), Stephanie @feministmidwife (on trauma informed care and consent), Anna @PocketDoula (on anti-oppressive birthwork), Justine & Sarah of @bundlebirthnurses (on physiologic birth). 

I believe in the power of stories - your story in particular. I believe in your body, in your intuition, and in your voice.

Beth, at a picnic table, smiling at the the camera, chin resting on fist.


a counseling/planning session to discuss birth options and help you tune in and advocate

because postpartum is forever.

nourishment, rest, a tender ear

a space for you to tell your story, to be heard and seen.