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Birth Visioning

a counseling/planning session to discuss fertility or birth options and help you prepare.

We can discuss your fertility journey, your birth plan, pain management strategies, your birth team selection and early postpartum care and recovery. If there are any interventions you have specific concerns or questions about, I can answer these. 


My goal is to help you tune in to your own intuition and find your voice.

You can be at any stage of your fertility or pregnancy journey.

Cost (sliding scale): $80-120
2 hours in length, virtual

Partners + support people welcome.

Perinatal Psychotherapy

because your story is unique.

You are transformed as you move along this path. It might be immediate or gradual. It might be with excitement or reluctance. But you will grow. What kinds of support will you need? We can vision your ultimate pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and then plan for it. Just as important, we will plan for what to do when it seems like it's all falling apart.

You can be at any stage of your perinatal, pregnancy or postpartum journey.

Cost (sliding scale): $80-120
50mins; virtual, ongoing 

For individuals. Babes welcome.

Birth/Abortion/Loss  Debrief

a space for you to tell your story, to be heard and seen.

You might want to celebrate, or grieve, or both. I want to witness you in as much or as little detail as you like.

It can be an opportunity to move towards readiness to grow your family further, or find peace with its current size.

We can review your records together if you wish. You can bring questions and I can help you process and integrate your experience.

Cost (sliding scale): $80-120
2 hours in length, virtual

Partners, babes + support people welcome.

You may choose to book one session, or a package. Any of these sessions can be given as a gift to someone you know or to someone in need.

Prices are based on a sliding scale. If you need a hand figuring out where you fit on the scale, please see this guide. Payment plans are available. Anyone can choose to add on 10% to their chosen price to 'pay-it-forward'. These funds will be allocated to provide my services to someone in need.

Cost should never be a barrier to care and if you are facing financial stressors, please reach out.  

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